Year in Beauty (2019)

Year in Beauty (2019)

Non-Toxic beauty products are more popular than ever, and it’s making my heart happy! Having left Los Angeles, after 18 years, and moving to Charleston, SC. I feared the worst in finding good skincare accessible. We certainly have Sephora and Ulta, but I was shocked to learn that Wal-Mart is now carrying some of the bests! Schmidt’s Charcoal Magnesium deodorant is available at $4.99 vs. $9.99 at Whole Foods in LA. This means Americans are finally demanding better, safer products at a more affordable price. I also purchased Charcoal Mouthwash while I was there. I could get used to this! Anyway loves, in honor of my 40th birthday on Tuesday (I started this blog when I was 31) let’s get to the best products of 2019. Happy belated New Year.


Coola Rosilliance Mineral BB+ Cream Tinted Organic Sunscreen SPF 30

This may not only be my favorite BB day cream of 2019, but my favorite BB cream ever. Loaded with organic extracts of Rose, Myrrh, Rosemary and Cucumber and including Plankton Extract, this BB cream actually has a cooling effect when applied. It dries beautifully, gives flawless coverage and invigorates the skin while calming redness. I use light/medium and love the fact that there’s zero orange tint. $52. Buy here: Coola BB Cream

Thrive Causmetics Fabu-Lash Liquid Eyeliner + Mascara Set

I’ve been using this mascara for over two years now without switching. That’s huge. I feel like mascara is one of those products where we’re constantly on the lookout for better, less clumpy and more hydrating etc. This mascara dramatically lengthens even the shortest lashes. The liner is just a bonus.


Orchid Stem Cell Complex™: stimulates + encourages lash growth.

Flake-Free Liquid Fiber Technology™: buildable fibers, Korean pasque, usnea barbata (lichen) plant extract + piperitum fruit extract rejuvenate and soothe lashes, improving overall lash health + strength. Vitamin B5 + sodium hyaluronate: moisturizes + strengthens lashes. $40. Buy here: Thrive Causmetics



Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer

Formulated with Amazonian Clay and Mineral Pigments, Vegan and without Parabens, Mineral Oil or Sulfates, you can’t go wrong with this formula for bronzer. My favorite shade is “Park Avenue Princess.” $30. Buy: Tarte Bronzer

MOON Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

The reason I’m such a huge fan of Charcoal toothpaste, is that it literally absorbs toxins from the gums while whitening teeth naturally. Charcoal was essential during my recovery from Lyme Disease, as the toxin load in the body can be extremely high. Why not incorporate it into our oral hygiene considering how powerful it is and how important gum heath is for preventing disease. Formulated with vitamins and botanical extracts. $8.99. Buy: Target or ULTA

Renew Face and Eye Cream in One

Having a day moisturizer and eye cream formulated into one product is the best reason I can think of to choose this as your daily moisturizer. Not to mention, it’s formulated with vitamins, minerals and amino acids like Hyaluronic Acid, Sunflower Seed Oil, Kiwi Extract, Argan Oil, Green Tea, Moringa Seed Oil, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. It balances oily skin that won’t clog pores or cause acne, extra hydrating for dry skin. $19.87. Buy here: Amazon

Oznaturals Vitamin C and Sea Hydration Mask

I use this mask once a week. There are tons of masks out there, but I keep coming back to this one based on it’s simple yet powerful ingredients. Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5, Spirulina Extract and Giant Sea Kelp Extract. $19.99. Buy here: Amazon

The Creme Shop – Cold Brew Face Mask

These are just fun … and miraculous. Who doesn’t love a Korean Face Mask! Formulated with Cold Brew Coffee as it’s main ingredient, there is no better mask to wake up to when you’re feeling tired and puffy. Leave on 10-15 minutes and wake up your entire face. I use these religiously as part of my morning routine. $14.25 for 5. Buy here: Amazon

Acure Mega Moisture Argan Oil & Pumpkin Shampoo and Conditioner.

I’ve been using this combo all year and still love it. Beautiful, healthy hair with some of the cleanest ingredients around. $9.99. Buy here: Target

Heritage Store Rose Petal Rosewater

This is the best, most inexpensive secret to anti-aging there is. Forget botox. Rosewater has been around for thousands of years and is, by far, the most anti-aging product you’ll ever use. I’ve been following the studies and stories about Rosewater for almost a decade now. The anti-aging industry has fooled women into thinking that they must spend hundreds of dollars on reversing aging. These are large corporations like Estee Lauder and Clarins, but the truth is, these products are the opposite of anti-aging. They’re loaded with toxins that will not only make your skin look older, but will cause internal health issues with continued use. I will undoubtedly use Rosewater the rest of my life, as it’s an ancient tradition and is known as the fountain of youth. Spray PM before bed, and first thing in the morning upon waking. If using the Cold Brew Masks, spray afterwards. Let dry. $5.53. Buy here and stock up: Vitacost

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  1. Thanks, Fontaine. Informative, as always. Hope tht all is well with you Hugs Carol

    On Fri, May 3, 2019 at 10:31 AM gottaloveorganic wrote:

    > fontaine posted: “Non-Toxic beauty products are more popular an ever, and > it’s making my heart happy! Having left Los Angeles, after 18 years, and > moving to Charleston, SC. I feared the worst in finding good skincare > accessible. We certainly have Sephora and Ulta, but I wa” >

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