organic girly stuff i love.

organic girly stuff i love.

Neem Toothpaste and Mouthwash – I discovered this at Healthy Home Market in the South End of Charlotte. Actually, a hippie chick named Kiki introduced me to it. I was skeptical, but after many years of dealing with bleeding gums on the upper right side of my mouth… every single time I brushed, I was over it. The start of Gingivitis? According to my dentist in LA, yes. Fluoride is the conventional method for treating Gingivitis, but read about the dangers of Fluoride and why it’s banned in so many countries, and you’ll think twice. We are the only country who currently adds Fluoride to our drinking water. It may be okay to use topically, but it should never be swallowed. And your Brita filter will not remove it. I only discovered the news about Fluoride when I recently realized that I may be suffering from Hypothyroidism, which my mother has. Rapid weight gain and exhaustion are the first signs. Fluoride is actually toxic, and can completely throw your Thyroid off balance. I’ve been using fluoride toothpaste for twenty years, not to mention, all those visits to the dentist and drinking “filtered” tap water? So trying a little Neem couldn’t hurt. After all, I’d spent $1,000 in 2009 for a deep cleaning that was supposed to stop the bleeding and never did. After one week of using this, along with the mouthwash, my gums have completely stopped bleeding for the first time in ten years! So… get off the fluoride and get on the Neem! Also, drink Smart Water, Fiji or Evian, which are all Fluoride free. I highly recommend Himalaya Organique Toothpaste with Neem and Pomegranate. Less than $6 at or your local Health Food Store.

Studies agree with the anecdotal evidence and thousands of years of traditional use. Neem can…

  • prevent and heal gum disease,
  • prevent cavities,
  • eliminate bacteria that cause cavities and inflammation of the gums,
  • prevent bacteria from adhering to your teeth (reduce plaque),
  • enhance mouth immunity in general,
  • freshen breath.

2 thoughts on “organic girly stuff i love.

  1. Fontaine!! Hey- with all you do I am surprised you have time for stuff like this- being a dental assistant- well part time- I have read some of the studies- I agree with you- the stuff is toxic (flouride). And neem is awesome. At “sphynx paw” on two notch road, they sell an herbal root tonic called “Universal Mind” . It contains the neem extract and I honestly believe it can cure anything. I recently heard a nurse came from the hospital and got some for a guy who had MRSA- he flesh eating disease- and put it on it- after they had tried everything and it was spreading- it cured it. I took it while my kids had swine flu and gave it to them also- they immediately expelled some pretty nasty stuff from thier bodies, and i never got sick. I don’t have a web-site or anything but I think it is made by “queen yasmine” products. But I met the man who created it- he is a root doctor from West Africa. Thanks for the info. I get hormonal breakouts on my face…..any suggestions? and my grandmother has been telling me most deodorants have aluminum and can cause breast cancer! she is a breast cancer survivor……
    Rebecca Gray- I love this blog!!

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